Mix n’ Mash Sample prt1 & Finished

So Ms. Willoughby gave us a sample to do for mixed media and this immediately popped into my head and I just rolled with it. 

I really liked it because it’s pretty minimalist and cute but I would’ve had more control over the watercolor and rounded the head of the elephant out better next time if I were to do this again I might do something 3D with it and see what happens. 

I finished


Sketchy Sketchy prt4 and final

So I’ve been working on this for about a week and a half and it’s just my geometric idea and seeing what happens. This turned into a little mini project and i loooove it. 

Sharpie and Pencil Lead

I would’ve done straighter lines

I finished

Sketchy-Sketchy prt2&3

Well I’m figuring out geometric shapes on animals and the elephant is one I did without looking at a picture and it kinda went it’s own direction 




I’m enjoying this pretty well because it’s cool looking. I probably would’ve done some more from pictures 

I’ve done about two more sketches from the first one. 

Texture Sample -prt1 & Finished

So again it’s a sample but this time it’s with texture and we had to use different forms of art to draw the particular texture. I used pencil and just kinda went with it. 

I feel alright about this sample I feel like could’ve used more things. 


Sketchy Sketchy prt1 

So for the past several days I’ve been sketching out some ideas for a project and I think I’ve settled on geometric animals or something where they’re being turned geometric. I tried drawing from photos of normal animals and that went ok and now I’m working more on how they work with geometric pictures. 





•I actually think once I get the hang of it I’ll like it a lot better. I’m thinking I’m gonna try some stuff on the computer and see what happens. 


•Not really as this is my first post so ya know

Eclipse Project prt1 & Final

So this was my eclipse project and I worked on it for about a week or so. It is a fingerprint painting kinda representing all the people that watched and wanted to watch the eclipse. 


•Blue, black, white, yellow paint

•Masking tape


I liked the idea I wish I’d thought through the colors and going through with it better. After a while I felt like it was too much and I just finished up and flattened it.

Progress: FINISHED

P.S. -The date is on the posts before you click it

Value Sample prt1 & FINAL

9/13/17 – Ms.Willoughby told all of us to do a lesson together on value so I drew out simple shading techniques. My favorite was smudging and scribbling but stippling was a struggle because I’m just impatient. 


•Graphite pencils




•I liked it alright I prefer to do sketches that I delve into more later and colored pencil

Progress Made:

•Started and Finished

End of year eval.



Again, i haven’t done much and there’s a thing i trashed because it didn’t work out but even though a lot of this is pretty basic I tried really hard and spent at least a week on each (the eye took at least 3 1/2 weeks)

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