Round and Bas Relief Telescope Sample

So I’m basically rebuilding it I was almost on the third level and it collapsed in the night so I’m starting from level 1 again

I’m rather frustrated but I guess I’ll keep on going and if I’d had the chance i definitely would’ve done this with a pottery wheel so everything was more even


Round and Bas Relief Telescope Sample

We’re learning about round and bas relief by making a clay project and I decided to make a telescope with designs cut out of it

I’m using coils to make my project and it’s not going greats so let’s just see how this turns out.

This is my first post so this is my progress

Geometric Animal Project

Same project as usual

So I started the painting the tile and it’s taking a buttton of paint but it’s seeking to go real well.

I decided on acrylic for this because that’s the only thing that would work on it in mass scale

I feel alright about it so far just my usual second guessing lol

I probably would’ve tested more colors together but I’m trying my best to beat a deadline

Well I finished sketching and I’m working on the blue sky to base the rest of my painting on

Geometric Animal Project 

So I finally got the cheetah onto the tile and now I’m getting some background details fixed but acacia trees are simple looking but stupid hard so I think I’ll be doing something for a couple a days just to get the trees done
I’ll be using acrylic sharpie and pencil
I feel alright about it I guess. I hope I can iron out some details that are bothering me. 
It’s making decent progress even though my perfectionist perfectionism is acting up at every little thing that goes wrong lol

Theme Sample prt1 

Ms. Willoughby gave us a theme sample and I kinda ran with it by taking a page from Ryan’s book lol and used people’s mean words as like poison that the sponge just soaks up. 

Materials: acrylic

I’m okay with it i wish I was a better painter and I wouldn’t have done it in my sketchbook. Well since this is my first post it’s made a lot of progress. 

Geometric Animal Project 

Well basically I’m transferring this sketch into acrylic and onto the ceiling tile with it turning into a geometric thing

I’ll be using acrylic sharpie and pencil

I feel alright about it I guess. I hope I can iron out some details that are bothering me. 

It’s just starting and I would make the cheetah look more cheetah like or whatever in the sketch just to silence my insecurities about this project 

Mix n’ Mash Sample prt1 & Finished

So Ms. Willoughby gave us a sample to do for mixed media and this immediately popped into my head and I just rolled with it. 

I really liked it because it’s pretty minimalist and cute but I would’ve had more control over the watercolor and rounded the head of the elephant out better next time if I were to do this again I might do something 3D with it and see what happens. 

I finished

Sketchy Sketchy prt4 and final

So I’ve been working on this for about a week and a half and it’s just my geometric idea and seeing what happens. This turned into a little mini project and i loooove it. 

Sharpie and Pencil Lead

I would’ve done straighter lines

I finished

Sketchy-Sketchy prt2&3

Well I’m figuring out geometric shapes on animals and the elephant is one I did without looking at a picture and it kinda went it’s own direction 




I’m enjoying this pretty well because it’s cool looking. I probably would’ve done some more from pictures 

I’ve done about two more sketches from the first one. 

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