Sketchy-Sketchy prt2&3

Well I’m figuring out geometric shapes on animals and the elephant is one I did without looking at a picture and it kinda went it’s own direction 




I’m enjoying this pretty well because it’s cool looking. I probably would’ve done some more from pictures 

I’ve done about two more sketches from the first one. 


Sketchy Sketchy prt1 

So for the past several days I’ve been sketching out some ideas for a project and I think I’ve settled on geometric animals or something where they’re being turned geometric. I tried drawing from photos of normal animals and that went ok and now I’m working more on how they work with geometric pictures. 





•I actually think once I get the hang of it I’ll like it a lot better. I’m thinking I’m gonna try some stuff on the computer and see what happens. 


•Not really as this is my first post so ya know

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